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Romuald KoperskiRomuald Koperski

A traveller, guide to Siberia, pioneer of automobile expeditions across the extensive regions of Siberia, automobile pilot, writer, journalist, photographer, diver and musician-pianist. A writer of the books: ("Duel with Siberia", "Through Siberia without a Ticket ","1001 Pictures of Siberia"), of photographic exhibitions and of many other publications on Siberia, which he has travelled the length and breadth of the country. An originator and organiser of three editions of the automobile rally "Transsiberia", which lasted for 39 days, the longest and the most difficult automobile rally in the world "Transsiberia - Gigant 2004", Atlantic - Pacific - Atlantic, which had 30.000km.
Tens of exploratory trips to: the Yakutia, Khakassia, the Altai Republic, Buriatia, Chukotka, Kolyma, Lake Baikal, the Ural Mountains, the Verkhoyansk Range, the Sayan Mountains, Khaman-Daban, Suntar-Khayata and the Chersky Range. The first successful automobile trip from Zurich through Siberia to New York in history. The route passed from boundless terrains of Siberia and South America.
Sevenfold drives through Siberia at the longitude of over 100.000km!
Solitary rafting on a rubber pontoon on the longest river of East Siberia, the Lena River to the Laptev Sea (4.500km). Pioneer winter automobile expedition (6000 km) along the coast of the Arctic Ocean, to the Cross Bay on the Pacific, the examination of the route to the Bering Strait- so far nobody has reached the place by motor vehicle from the land For his "Siberian" achievements he received the prestigious prize of the "Kolos" and the title of "The Traveller of the 1999 Year."
In 2004 he played the longest piano concert in the world, lasting 54 h 1 min.!!!